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Meet Sherry Bronson

TV Host | Producer | Inspirer

Sherry Bronson is an inspirer and mentor through Jesus Christ.

Delivering powerful life-changing messages that speak to the heart of any audience, her incredible passion to see individuals’ lives changed shines through her energetic, compassionate, presence.

What Others Say About the Show

"Hi Sherry, I just now stumbled onto your show and I truly believe the Lord directed me there. What you and your guests said spoke directly to me! I have been paying lip service to start my own business for a couple of years now, but fear has been holding me back from actually doing it. Thank you so very much for the encouragement and inspiration. God bless you!"

~ Joanie

"What a wonderful show! I excited for you and all those that have/will continue to be touch by this wonderful ministry."

~ Tina

"I believe and receive that He has given you this great platform to lift up His Son's name. And I must say you are doing an excellent job, therefore, God is going to open more doors for this auspicious ministry, He has so grandly favored you with."

~ Mona Lisa

"I want to thank you, Sherry, I enjoyed watching and experiencing the many truths he shared about men and women all over again."

~ Cheryl

"Sherry - I loved your show and the experience on Saturday. Thanks so much for inviting me to be a guest audience. You are so professional and so much fun. What a beautiful person you are inside and out. I look forward to future invitations to your sets."

~ Kathline

"The show was awesome. Thanks for the invite. My daughter was my invited guest. I wanted her to see Peggy and Makeup with the Master.  She suffers from facial skin problems."

~ Sharolyn

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